Why a Trip to The Belgian Grand Prix Should Be Your First Formula 1 Experience

When it comes to ticking things off one’s Bucket List, there is little that compares to the thrill of a Formula 1 Grand Prix. As a lifelong fan of Formula 1 fan, I had been looking forward to my first Grand Prix experience for a long time, having driven around the Monaco Grand Prix street circuit earlier this year. In the aftermath of this casual drive (the Monaco Grand Prix takes place on public roads,) the urge to see one of the 20 races on the calendar was stronger than ever.

Planning A Great Day Out Even If It Rains

Londoners always get through those rainy days. Now that the burning sun is out, the weather’s warm, the birds are chirping and the sky’s blue. People often believe that this city endures so much rain but this not at all true. When the days are longer and the evenings become shorter the best thing to do is to spend more time outdoors, exploring the beauty of London.

Lake Como, Italy

Italy is our favorite place to travel because of the food, atmosphere, and also because it's so easy to get to from Switzerland.  We've gone to Lake Como a few times, and we decided to go once again.   The great thing is that you can visit different townships for a...