Someone asked me the other day what travel blogging is all about. They said that they were not tech savvy and would like to know more about this art.

After explaining the concept to them they were thankful for the inspiration.

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You don’t need to have a journalist background to get going. You simply need to be sincere and humble about your stories. Here are some pain free steps on how to write an awesome travel blog that stands out and will ultimately get those travel feet moving:

Plan, plan, plan!

Decide which topic to write about

Write an outline and possibly a Spider diagram with bullet points to pinpoint each section.

Write from your gut

Add some humour and some positive as well as negative insights.

Write from your experience, for example, perhaps you would go back to Mexico because they make the best tacos or the people are friendly or fares are reasonable. Just be true to yourself!

Quality is much better than quantity

Remember the old saying. No one wants to read about a marketing post. The beauty of travel blogging is that bloggers write about their experience, which is unique! A well written, high-quality blog post is not always about the number of words but ideally 500 words and above should be sufficient, bearing in mind that you need to consider the patience of the reader. Readers don’t always enjoy a huge amount of content. Make it short and sweet, short is ample!

Although this might seem like going back to school, make sure you include the main points in the introduction without giving too much away. Keep your readers in suspense.

The introduction highlights the destination and the highs and lows with additional problem solving. Help your reader to solve a problem, like even though a destination has had bad press, write about how positive your experience was in spite of the hype and add images and videos to prove it!

Draw the reader in in the body by building on the intro. Wrap up your points and remember the conclusion should cover points not already mentioned. Avoid repetition at all cost.

Let the body explain the solutions to the problem that you set up in the introduction, e.g. why have you recommended this particular location. This where your readers are eager to know why this location is a must to visit! Could it be that the weather is hot all year round or it’s the best place to have a meal on a budget?

Add pictures, cartoons or sketches to make to make the post more fun.


Listing a post with bullet points or numbers is one of the most quickest ways to write a travel post and is less complex, it’s also ideal for those writers, bloggers and advisors with less time in their hands.

Feel free to list your points using numbers, bullet points or paragraphs. The beauty of listing is that’s it’s quicker to read with explanations.

In conclusion

Summarise and keep the conclusion short without repetitions. You can add a call-to- action, for instance, recommending your favourite airline or the cheapest time to travel.

At this point remind your readers to engage by responding to the comments to bring the post to life. Add a link to a previous post of yours or a Yakondi post of a similar destination or similar topic.

Always ask your readers for some feedback, for example, Have you ever swam with dolphins? What did you enjoy most when you swam with dolphins?

Happy travel blogging!

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